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Our quality policy is compliant with the ISO 9001-2008 international norm and has been an integral part of Metal dekor’s policy since 2005.

Metal dekor has opted for the implementation of quality management policy to elevate the quality levels of its products and services to their highest potential.

Completely aware of the fact that only a high-quality product or service, delivered in a timely manner, guarantee a satisfied client and the company future, Metal dekor implements a quality policy reflected by the following:

1. Client satisfaction

  • Understanding and fulfilment of clients’ current needs and future expectations
  • Uncompromising insistence on the quality of ordered products
  • Compliance with the agreed delivery deadlines

2. Employee satisfaction

  • Continuous improvement of working conditions
  • Permanent education and advancement opportunities
  • Suitable reward for high-quality work

3. Owner satisfaction

  • Application of the most efficient techniques and technologies
  • Continuous increase in productivity
  • Reduction of business costs
  • Increase in business profitability

4. Satisfaction of our living and working environment

  • Application of all relevant legislation
  • Socially responsible business

5. Continuous improvement of the quality management system


The trust given to Metal dekor by our clients is one of our key assets.

We must strive to continue to operate in a manner that will ensure the safety of that asset. One of the aspects of doing so is the strict adherence to all legislative norms.

Addressing the problem of corruption is becoming an increasing problem and risk. The company is implementing its anticorruption processes in accordance with the latest legislation. The purpose is not only to adhere to and follow the latest legal acts, but also to place Metal dekor in the best possible position for the protection of its reputation, and to maintain the mandatory level of fairness and transparency in the application of business processes, in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

The Anticorruption Act exposes Metal dekor and its employees to the risk of criminal persecution, fines and business dissolution, as well as other penalties, should they fail to conduct business in accordance with the law.

Metal dekor implements a strict policy of zero tolerance for corruption and bribery.

This principle has been unanimously approved by the Management and Metal dekor is bound by these principles. We are obligated, through our common efforts, to ensure the preservation of impeccable reputation of Metal dekor.

We kindly ask you to take time and read through this policy, as well as other related Metal dekor policies, in order to ensure you have comprehended all your obligations and the application of business processes..

Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact your superior officer or management CEO.

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