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METAL DEKOR Ltd. Company from Ivanovac, P. Miškine 24, 40 000 Čakovec was founded on the 21st of December, 2010 as the legal successor of Metal dekor trade from Čakovec, I.G.Kovačića 22, founded in 1988.

The founder and sole owner of the trade then, and the company nowadays, is Mr. Stjepan Vrhar.

The company had 3 employees at its founding and has since, through policies of sustainable growth, reached the present number of over 220 employees.

From a mere produces of railings, staircases and other steel constructions, Metal dekor Ltd., led by the visionary policy of its owner, has transformed into a renowned regional producer of transformer tanks for energy transformers, distribution and special transformers, transformer oil purifying devices and other steel constructs. Our annual production approximates 2500 tons, or more specifically 1400 tons of energy transformer tanks, 190 tons of corrugated tanks for distribution transformers, 800 tons of braces and 70 tons of other steel constructs. More than 60 % of our production is exported into the demanding European market.

The entire production process is executed on 8.500 m² of production area with the application of the latest techniques and technologies, supervised by expert, motivated and responsible employees, which guarantees the supreme quality of our products and services. We are currently investing into the additional 1.500 m²of production area in a new location within the Ivanovec industrial zone.

Due to client’s needs for increasingly complex welding services, particular emphasis is placed on the selection of qualified welding staff and their professional training in accordance with the latest technologies. We are applying the EN ISO 3834-2 certificate, welding procedures: MAG, REL, TIG, EOZ.

ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance policy is an integral part of Metal dekor Ltd. Business policy. It is continuously implemented and improved with the aim of fulfilling all the demands and expectations from our clients, employees, business partners and the community we are a part of.

“The wealth and happiness of each person is measured his health and the number of friends, and the wealth of a company is measured in the number of satisfied clients.”

Stjepan Vrhar, engineer.


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